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Re: Mononykus

At 11:22 PM 30/03/97 -0600, Tracy Ford wrote:
>>>What was the arm's [use]?
>>        Something that required heavy muscles and a short moment arm (=
>True, or else it wouldn't have the short arms with large muscle attacement
Just out of left field, is it possible that they were used for intraspecific
combat?  I don't know Mononychus well enough to be sure about this idea, but
if they were effective at hunting small lizards and mammals (which we have
plenty of evidence for) without the use of arms (as many modern birds are),
they could have lost them without detriment.  Would it have been possible to
use those little stumps in a pushing/poking match?  Could they have locked
them together with another animal and shoved?
> Unlikely to be a raptorial function (not fast enough, little reach).
>>You'd asssume fingers would be helpful for grasping. Digging? Cracking
>>things? Hanging on for dear life to the backs of ankylosaurs while it picks
>>nits out of their backs?
>Now there's an IDEA!!! :->
Yes and sadly, no less plausable than my idea.


"the truth is, I don't really care how the dinosaurs died.
I'm interested in how they lived."  (Dr. John R. Horner,
from the Complete T.rex, 1993)
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