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Re: "Xuanhuasaurus" follow up

In a message dated 97-04-01 10:24:48 EST, spz@acpub.duke.edu (Shawn Patrick
Zack) writes:

<< Isn't "Xuanhuasaurus" a member of the ever-mysterious group of ?basal 
 marginocephalians the Chaoyoungosauridae?  I haven't seen them mentioned 
 in anything recent, including _The Dinosauria_ and I'm curious as to what 
 their current status is.  Are they still awaiting description, 
 non-dinosaurian, or what?? >>

Yes. Chaoyoungosauridae is still awaiting description, after having appeared
in a published article as long ago as 1983. As far as _The Dinosauria_ is
concerned, Chaoyoungosauridae doesn't exist. Paul Sereno notes (pers. comm.)
that he'll have something to say about the situation in a psittacosaur paper
in the near future. He may also include a short initial description of the
_Chaoyoungosaurus_ type skull, which he has examined. Zhao Xijin's original
idea that Chaoyoungosauridae is basally marginocephalian may not be correct;
chaoyoungosaurids may simply turn out to be psittacosaurs. But more than this
I do not know.