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Re:thoughts on Ptersaur feet

Bruce, even with SPAMKILLER removed, my mail to you is bouncing.  I
think it's on my end, so I'm reposting my response here.
Apologies to the list if this is inappropriate.

bruce thompson wrote:
>         Betty, have you ever run across any pictures of pterosaur
> footprints?  I happened to see mention of them in a Korean tourism
> magazine, _Seoul_, recently.  Sorry, I don't have it anymore.  But it did
> say that there were about seven known pterosaur trackways known.  Wouldn't
> a look at those help decide the orientation of the ptero-tootsies? :)

according to Peter Wellnhofer, "So far there have been no confirmed
finds of pterasaur footprints, so conclusive proof of this is
unavailable".  He goes on to quote an article Kevin Padian helped
co-author where they took a supposed pterasaur footprint set from
Arizona and identifyied it as crocodilian.  The problem is that with all
footprints, they don't really know what made them unles they find the
body, or eliminate all otehr suspects.

I don't have any other pterasaur footprint references than this.
           Betty Cunningham  
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