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Re: question about plants in Mesozoic - please reply to brill not me.

Bonnie Blackwell, x 3332 wrote:
> Subj:   Dinosaur plant questions
>      I saw the message below the seperator line on the internet, and I was 
> wondering what sources you have found since april 1995 on the plants
of the dinosaur age.    I have my own interest in dinosaurs also and may 
eventually use this material for adults so the more detail the better.  
If you could help I would appreciate it.

Here are two important reference.

Tidwell, W.D., 1975, Common fossil plants of western North America, 
Brigham Young University Press, Provo Utah, 197 p.

Behrenseyer, A.K. and others, 1992, Terrestrial Ecosystems through Time, 
Univ. of Chacago Press, 568 p.
>      I have a student working on a project for my dinosaurs course who wants 
> to know what if anything is known about the flora in the late K of 
mongolia (or anytime in the K for that matter). All she has been able to 
find in the literature, is that the preservation is very poor, with 
almost no plant macrofossils. Can anyone help?
> There are very virtually no fossil plants from the late Cret. red beds 
of Mongolia. Phil Currie tod me in the correlative rocks in China only 
one sample produced any pollen even. The Alkalinity of these sediments 
make plant preservation very poor. When I'm over there in August, I'm 
going to see if there are any carbonate cemented soil nodules as these 
may prove to preserve pollen prior to its destruction.

Jim K.