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In preparing an article on Jurassic Chinese ornithopods, I have come across a
few questions concerning some formations in the mid Jurassic of China.

First, what is the most recently published age for the Shangshaximiao
Formation?  I have conflicting dates of either Oxfordian or
Bathonian-Callovian.  Which one is correct?

Secondly, is the Lower Shaximiao Formation the same as the Xiashaximiao?  I
have not been able to find any reference to a Shaximiao Formation in "The
Dinosauria," but there are two formations that have the suffex "-shaximiao"
as part of their names - the Xiashaximiao and the Shangshaximiao - with the
Xiashaximiao being the lower (older) one of the two.  Am I correct with my
assumption that Xiashaximiao = Lower Shaximiao?

By the way.... what is _Tawasaurus_?  I came across that name in a cladogram
in Peng's 1990 description of _Agilisaurus louderbacki_ which is entirely in
Chinese.  I, myself, have never heard of this animal, and I cannot find any
reference to it in "The Dinosauria."  There is only a short footnote in
English in the Chinese text of Peng's paper, which reads: _Tawasaurus minor_
Young 1982.

Please respond off-list to reduce clutter.  Thanks in advance.

Peter Buchholz

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