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Re: bird

     Are you claiming that I repeatedly ignore solidly reasoned
arguments from Tom Holtz?  But Dr. Holtz has not for along time,
I think until very recently, made any sort of comment on my
ideas.  Are you thinking of his ostrich-phylogeny comment and my
questioning of its relevance to the discussion.
     Perhaps you could consider this.  I had been told by Mickey
to try and keep my postings to a minimum and to consolidate
responses to several people as much as possible into one message. 
My message to Dr. Holtz was intended to do this--and to address
the gestalt of the ostrich/grass/dino thread--but I see upon
rereading it that it comes off as personal to him.  As such it
has the appearance of me trying to tell Dr. Holtz what's what. 
Or, to use an archaic expression, of teaching my grandmother to
suck eggs.  I am certainly in no position to do that!
     But there is nothing here of me repeatedly ignoring the
arguments of experts.  Unless you would care to specify...(may I
say that public attack without specification is unfair).
     Still, you do have a point.  I take up far too much of this
list's time with my arguments.  My excuse in this case is that I
was posting under the influence.  Under the influence of a new
(to me) idea.  I was genuinely excited.  I WILL restrain myself.