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Re: thoughts on Pterasaur feet

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Bettyc wrote:

> Bettyc wrote:
> I think this means a separate structure entirely-and without any
> evidence of a large membrane at this long toe linking it to the wing,
> likely there wasn't one.  I think it was it's own structure that echoed
> the shape of the wing, perhaps with a (vestigal?) membrane of skinflap
> as depicted as in Reichel's reconstruction.
> -- 

Interesting thought, perhaps it was a non functionalgenetic  consequence of 
elongation in the forelimb. Much like the enlarged but unused tibial 
sesamoid of Pandas (the homologous forelimb bone, the radial sesamoid, is 
enlarged for use as a "thumb" - see Gould's "The pandas thumb"). For this 
to be true though, the didgits would have to be homologous ie, both 
fourth and fifth, unfortunately I don't think this is the case.


Adam Yates