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Jim Farlow asked..

>      does anybody know if S.D. Sampson, M.J. Ryan, and D.H. Tanke.  In 
>      press. The ontogeny of centrosaurine dinosaurs (Ornithischia: 
>      Ceratopsidae), with new information from mass death assemblages, has 
>      been published in Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society yet?  I 
>      have a citation to it as being in press for 1995, which date has long 
>      passed.

Relax everybody: I'm keeping my eye on the issues and, nope, still no sign. The
best thing to appear in recent issues was Laurin and Reisz on amniote phylogeny.
Then again, I may have missed the latest ish (because of this *%?!!**ng
dissertation I'm trying to do).. I'll be checking it out today though.

I note a bit on Holocene extinctions in the new _Earth_, with nice figures and
restorations of _Thamnatochen_, the Hawaiian 'turtle goose'. Check it out.
Incidentally, _Thamnatochen_ parallels ratites so nicely that Feduccia uses it
as evidence of a recent ratite origin. His post-Oligocene burgeoning of modern
bird taxa ignores pre-Miocene taxa.. ..for the ratites, we have examples in the
Palaeocene of S. America for danu's sake! And _Paleotis_ from Hans Messel (mid
Eocene) is regarded by some as an early ratite too.

Tip o' the hat to C. McHenry;-) (the 'danu' bit).

OK, back to the shonisaurs. Why a 50 ton deep sea _Physeter_ analogue would
evolve distal expansions to its ribs I still don't know.. Cool that they
practised ritualised bashing of opponent's ribcages with their hyperenlarged
rostra though!

"It's too bad she won't live - but then who does"

"I have you now"  *zap zap*