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The First Paleo Award!

*The Very First Paleo Award Has Been Awarded!*

I am quite happy to announce that the Winner is 

     DINO RUSS's LAIR (The Earthnet Info Server) 

Russ Jacobson has done a phenomenal job of offering and
presenting information to those interested in Dinosaurs, 
Paleontology and Geo-Sciences in general. His website is 
a tremendous resource for the WWW Paleontological Community. 

      Hat's Off and Congratulations, DINO RUSS! 

The Paleo Award may be viewed on The Awards Page 
              of DINO RUSS's LAIR. 

     DINO RUSS's LAIR is a member of The Paleo Ring. 

        Who will win next month's Paleo Award? 

 Next month's Paleo Award goes to the best nominated
                Paleoanthropology Site.

To find out more, go to The Paleo Award Home Page at:


Matt Fraser
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