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Some information required about teropods footprints...

        I'm doing a work about Dinosaur footprints of the Ba~os del Flaco
Formation (Upper Jurassic-Tithonian age), at Colchagua Province, VI
region, Chile.  I found a lot of new Theropods trackways. Then I'm doing
the description, Ichnotaxonomy, etc...
        I would like so much if you can send me any information about
upper Jurassic Theropods footprints, as quick as posible.
        Karen Moreno F.
        Universidad Austral de Chile
        Escuela de Ciencias
        Casilla # 567
        Valdivia, Chile.
        Fax: ++56 63 221 372
        e-mail: Paleonto@uach.cl