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Re: bird

I have to agree with Bonnie Blackwell on Mr. Bois and his ideas, delusions,
whatever they are. It seems as though no amount of evidence to the contrary
will shake the "stealthy-egg" argument put forth by Mr. Bois. You have to
wonder why after awhile? It's very curious to keep publicly insisting on
something that seems so totally unlikely. Why? Why, Mr. Bois? You could
make up a "stealthy-eggstraterrestrial" theory that the dinosaurs were
nuked by space aliens and argue just as much anecdotal evidence to support
it equally as the
properly fantasy. I guess you could make up any scenario you like for an
extinction theory. It doesn't require any real evidence if you selctively
ignore certain facts and twist others to fit the scenario. Johnnie Cochran
would be able to argue the "stealthy-eggstraterrestrial" theory, hell O. J.
is not guilty if you ignore or twist that mountain of evidence!

S.S. Lazarus