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Re: thoughts on Pterasaur feet

Adam Yates wrote:
> Interesting thought, perhaps it was a nonfunctionalgenetic consequence of 
> digit
> elongation in the forelimb. Much like the enlarged but unused tibial
> sesamoid of Pandas (the homologous forelimb bone, the radial sesamoid, is
> enlarged for use as a "thumb" - see Gould's "The pandas thumb"). For this
> to be true though, the didgits would have to be homologous ie, both
> fourth and fifth, unfortunately I don't think this is the case.

wouldn't it be likely this fusing of the 5th and 4th finger have occured
AFTER it was used functionally as a wing?  To give strength?
If that's the reason why the fingers fused, why would this fusing
invalidate the homologous-mess of the long-toe?
(I don't understand the full implications of 'homologous' in this

           Betty Cunningham  
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