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Re: Dyslocosaurus

You wrote: 
>Is there any information available on Dyslocosaurus polynychius?
>(Saurischia: Sauropodomorpha: Sauropoda: Diplodocidae?
>Dicraeosauridae?).  I saw one mention of this sauropod in
>The Dinosaur Society Dinosaur Encyclopedia, but have not seen any
>other references to it.  The reference wasn't even sure if the
>creature was Jurassic or Cretaceous in date.

Heres what I have


Genus: Dyslocosaurus McINTOSH, COOMBS JR & RUSSELL, 1992
Etymology: From Greek dys, bad or poor., Latin locus, place, and Greek 
sauros, lizard, in reference to the inadequate provenance information.

Species: polyonychius McINTOSH, COOMBS JR & RUSSELL, 1992
Etymology: From Greek polys, many, and onyx, claw in reference to the 
claws of digits IV and probably V.

Holotype: Amherst Collage, AC 663

Locality: Vicinity of Lance Creek, eastern Wyoming.

Horizon: Uncertain, probably Morrison Formation, Late Jurassic.

Material: Distal ends of left(?) ulna and radius, partial head of left 
femur, proximal end of left tibia, distal end of right tibia, left 
astragalus, left metatarsal I, II, III and proximal half of metatarsal 
IV, left pha

langes I-1, III-1, and IV-1, unguals of I, II, III (proximal half) and 
IV, possible ungual of V.

McIntosh, John S., Walter P. Coombs, Jr. , and Dale A. Russell, 1992. A 
new diplodocid sauropod (Dinosauria) from Wyoming, U.S.A.. Journal of 
Vertebrate Paleontology, Volume 12, Number 2: 158-167.