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Re: bird

One underlying idea here is the development of any "single-cause" theory
to the exclusion of all others. It goes without saying that the web of
life is inextricably entangled (to say the least)!

What is always provacative (in a negative sort of way) is holding to a
monolithic argument. It reminds me of the Aesop fable where the parts of
the body get into an argument over which is the most important: the
mouth claims priority because it chews, the stomach because it digests,
the hands because they pick up the food. The punchline being that they
stop cooperating to prove how swell they are, and the poor guy dies
because he starves to death.

Surely eggs are a factor, but not the only factor, and for me, that's
the rub.  The word ONLY. Asteroids are not the only thing, climate is
not the only thing, food supply is not the only thing, and you get the

Sometimes during restaurant dinner conversations I draw bell curves on
table cloths for my friends when they start arguing about how there is
an exception to everything. What is important to me (simple minded as I
am) is how significant the exception is. To them, if one person recovers
from cancer because she had a crystal waved over her, it proves that the
AMA is useless. To me, it is just one of those fringe phenomena that is
a little hard to quantify in terms of causality. Radiation therapy
(severe as it is) cures more people than crystals.

It would be intriguing to see extinction factors discussed in the sort
of pie-chart fashion that is used for allocating total computer sales to
Compaq or IBM or Apple. Has anyone ever done that with "things that
might have killed dinos?"

E. Summer

Steven S. Lazarus wrote:
> I have to agree with Bonnie Blackwell on Mr. Bois and his ideas, delusions,
> whatever they are. It seems as though no amount of evidence to the contrary
> will shake the "stealthy-egg" argument put forth by Mr. Bois. You have to
> wonder why after awhile? It's very curious to keep publicly insisting on
> something that seems so totally unlikely. Why? Why, Mr. Bois? You could
> make up a "stealthy-eggstraterrestrial" theory that the dinosaurs were
> nuked by space aliens and argue just as much anecdotal evidence to support
> it equally as the
> dinos-died-because-they-were-egg-layers-who-couldn't-hide-or-defend-them-
> properly fantasy. I guess you could make up any scenario you like for an
> extinction theory. It doesn't require any real evidence if you selctively
> ignore certain facts and twist others to fit the scenario. Johnnie Cochran
> would be able to argue the "stealthy-eggstraterrestrial" theory, hell O. J.
> is not guilty if you ignore or twist that mountain of evidence!
> S.S. Lazarus

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