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Darren Naish wrote:

> I note a bit on Holocene extinctions in the new _Earth_, with nice figures and
> restorations of _Thamnatochen_, the Hawaiian 'turtle goose'. Check it out.
> Incidentally, _Thamnatochen_ parallels ratites so nicely that Feduccia uses it
> as evidence of a recent ratite origin. His post-Oligocene burgeoning of modern
> bird taxa ignores pre-Miocene taxa.. ..for the ratites, we have examples in 
> the
> Palaeocene of S. America for danu's sake! And _Paleotis_ from Hans Messel (mid
> Eocene) is regarded by some as an early ratite too.

Could you please tell me the locality where the Paleocene ratite was found in 
South America  ? (Itaborai ?) Was it a large bird ? And where is it 
described in the literature ?

Martin Jehle
Regensburg, Germany