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Mononykus -- a misnomer?

To all:

While I was at SVP last year, I came across a rather nice sculpture of
_Mononykus_ (only fault I could see was the lack of feathers ;), I forget by
whom.  A rather interesting thing the sculptor had done to it was put two
tiny extra fingers on each hand, something I had never seen in a
reconstruction before.  I asked around a little, and was told that the two
little fingers were a recently discovered trait of _Mononykus_.  Is this
true?  Is _Mononykus_'s name really a misnomer*?  

"Drink up.  The world's about to end."


* OK, so even IF those two extra fingers are legit., that doesn't 
_necessarily_ mean _Mononykus_ is a misnomer ... does it?