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A New Model of Extinction????? (was re:bird)

Okay now.
We're going out on a limb with no evolved wings in sight, here, but it
is a sort of interesting idea, so bear with me.

We've added a page to D.I.G. at


that discusses Extinction Of Dinosaurs in a non-monolithic way. It
includes a pie-chart that is ARBITRARILY weighted for a guesstimate of
the many co-factors of extinction. None of us here have ever seen a
chart like this.

I suspect that many of you will have canniptions over this, but when
your body temperature comes back to 98.6 (or whatever your own peculiar
homeostasis is), give it a think and see if you can:
a) come up with different co-factors that we missed
b) assign realistic weights to the co-factors.

We will, in turn:
a) update the pie-chart
b) publish the cutest letters (just kidding) We'll publish excerpts
explaining the reasons behind various weights and factors.

We also guarantee that nobody will be happy about the final results (if
there are any), but that we think it will be interesting.

E. Summer
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