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Non stealthiness

Hello all,

If Mr. Bois can address the extiction of not only the dinosaurs, but the
vast floral and fauna extiction that occured at the same time, maybe we can
give creedence to his thoughts. So far he has failed to respond to these
other extinctions, well documentmented as happening at the same geological
time as the end of dinosaurs. Such an explination would not only add
support to his ideas, but inform the rest of us as to as yet unrevealed
truths. Without these co-extinctions the singling out of the dino
extinction seems narrow minded, but I may be missing a key point to the
"non stealthy egg production" theory. In the broadest sense the K/T boundry
seemed to filter out many more life forms than just dinosaurs, and without
the inclusion of these species a very diverse theroy must be developed to
account for the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous. Did the whole
planet go out of balence, ecologiaclly speaking, because the dinosaurs
could not deal with egg gnawers?

I know it's hard to deal with critical comments regarding a pet idea,
remember the falling t. rex thread? However there comes a time when ones
own assessment must come to an end, and trust that the thinking of
professionals has the benifit of a broader education than the rest of us
can claim. Also we must be willing to face the truths that shoot down our
ideas, personal feelings aside.

With that said, does anyone have any ideas as to why the olfactory lobes of
Pachycephalosaurs where so enlarged? I'm still facinated by this species we
know so little of.