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Re: mononykus

On 3/28/97, George Olshevsky wrote:

>Sure, except that the keeled sternum is >plesiomorphic< to Coeluria,
>since it is known in at least one pre-coelurian theropod (the-no-longer-
>headless wonder from Dinosaur National Monument, which also displays a 
>giant furcula.

        A keeled sternum is also known for the sinraptorid _Sinraptor
dongi_ (see fig. 19, B-D in Currie & Zhao, 1993), so at least *two*
pre-coelurian theropods possessed keeled sternal plates.  

        Currie, P.J., & Zhao, X.J. (1993).  A new carnosaur (Dinosauria,
Theropoda) from the Jurassic of Xinjiang, People's Republic of China.
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 30, 2037-2081.

Guy Leahy
Dept. of PEHR
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225