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Re: _Dinornis maximus

Raptor RKC@aol.com asked:
To all:

>I am working on a painting of that wonderful dead New Zealand dinosaur, the
Giant Moa, _Dinornis maximus_.  I have found a picture of the skeleton that
looks pretty good, but I don't really know whether or not it is accurate.  If
anyone cares to take a look at it (it's a GIF file), _please_ e-mail me and
give me your 2 cents.  Another question I have regarding the Giant Moa:
Besides bones, what else, if anything, of this beastie is known besides
anecdotes?  Any skin samples and whatnot?  With my limited knowledge in the
avian realm, any help on restoring this critter would be most appreciated.

>Thanks in advance!

Some illustrations of a moa being chased by the giant goanna _Megalania_ can
be found in Rich and Rich _Wildlife of Gondwana_ (also on the jacket).
Besides skeletal matter, feathers, eggs, and a mummified head and foot are
known. See Feduccia _The Origin and Evolution of Birds_. I would be
interested in seeing the skeletal gif file if you would wish to send it to

John P. Adamek