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New articles

Van Heerden, Jaques and Peter M. Galton, 1997. The affinites of 
Melanorosaurus-a Late Triassic prosauropod from South Africa. N. Jb. 
Geol. Palaont. Mh., 1997 H.1: 39-55.

van HEERDEN & GALTON, 1997 describe two skeletons from Farm Milner, 
Wodehouse (Dordrecht) District, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa 
from the base of the Elliot Formation, Carnian, Late Triassic. They 
state that Melanorosaurus readi was probably facultatively a bipedal 
animal while Riojasaurus was probably a quadrupedal animal.

Sachs, Sven, 1997. Erster Nachwies eines gepanzerten Dinosauriers 
(Reptilia, Ornithischia, Thyrophora) aus der Unterkreide (Berrias) von 
Gronau in Westfalen. N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. Mh, 1977, H. 1: 56-64.

SACHS, Described a distal end of a right humerus from a clay-pit 
Gerdemannin Gronau in Westfalia, Northern Germany. It is from the Upper 
Berriasian, Early Cretaceous. 


Vianey-Liaud, Karl Hirsch, Ashok Sahni & Bernard Sige, 1997. Late 
Cretaceous Peruvian Eggshells and their relationships with Laurasian 
and Eastern Gondwanian material. Gebios, Volume 30, Number 1: 75-90.

The authors describe a new eggshell type, Megaloolithus pseudomamillare 
from the Les Breguieres, Aix Basin, France, Upper part of the red clays 
in the Late Rognacian = Late Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous, and Fundo 
El Triunfo locality, and Morerilla locality Bagua Basin, Peru, Late