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Re: _Dinornis maximus

On Sat, 5 Apr 1997 JAdamek390@aol.com wrote:

> Some illustrations of a moa being chased by the giant goanna _Megalania_ can
> be found in Rich and Rich _Wildlife of Gondwana_ (also on the jacket).
> Besides skeletal matter, feathers, eggs, and a mummified head and foot are
> known. See Feduccia _The Origin and Evolution of Birds_. I would be
> interested in seeing the skeletal gif file if you would wish to send it to
> me.
> John P. Adamek
Small point. The flightless bird being chased by Megalania is not a Moa. 
It is a dromornithid bird, a uniquely Australian family that is unrelated 
to the New Zealand Moas (though perhaps covergently similar in 
superficial appearance).


Adam Yates