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The World of Dinosaurs stamps

My apologies for the delay -- this came in last Thursday, and got
buried before I could deal with it.  The message was sent to the
dinosaur list by someone not subscribed; I'm passing it along since I
figure people will want to hear about it anyways (if you wish to know
more, please respond to the address listed below -- I don't know
anything more about the stamps):

  From: "Don A. Smeraldi" <dsmerald@email.usps.gov>
  Organization: U.S. Postal Service
  To: dinosaur@usc.edu
  Subject: The World of Dinosaurs stamps
  X-Url: http://www.calweb.com:80/~tcsmith/ores/geology/paleo/mail.html

  FYI: On May 1, the U.S. Postal Service will be issuing a sheet of 15
  new 32-cent The World of Dinosaurs stamps at a first day of issue
  ceremony at the Museum of Western Colorado's Dinosaur Valley Museum
  in Grand Junction, CO. The stamps will be available at the nation's
  post offices on the following day.
  For more info, contact dsmerald@email.usps.gov