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Re: Cretaceous Extinction comments on John Bois

For informational purposes only, to be judgemental, critical, 
arrogant, condescending, parental, nuturing are Cluster B 
characteristics under DSM IV criteria.  They are the hallmarks of the 
dependent and/or narcissistic personality.  They result from toxic 
shame  of that individuals core.  I point this at 
no one lest I be quilty of the same.  If someone appears dense to you 
and they really are, then that's their problem and not yours.  Just 
something for you on the list to ponder.


The question now is: Can we understand our stupidity? This is a test
of intellect, not of character. John King Fairbank (1907-91), U.S.
historian, educator. Quoted in: Observer (London, 4 May 1975).

To make this worthy of the list, I would point out that I doubt that 
dinosaurs suffered from personality disorders.  On the other hand 
perhaps a tyrannosaurus might be considered anti-social or even have 
a conduct disorder.....

As always, this is only an opinion, subject to
retraction and recall without notice, and with 
due respect to others opinions.


Michael Teuton