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Re: Cretaceous Extinction comments on John Bois

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997 13:37:35 -0800 slaz@electriciti.com (Steven S.
Lazarus) writes:
>This is not a case of someone simply putting forth an idea. That's fine.
This is a case of someone putting forth an idea and insisting on it in
spite of many, many, many professional comments pointing out multitudes
of flaws with the idea. This is a case of someone selectively ignoring 
certain facts (pointed out by many on the list)   and twisting others to
fit the scenario.>snip>This is a case where the same arguments, refuted
months before,  re-surface again and again like the villain in a bad
Hollywood horror movie that you just can't kill no matter how many times
you shoot him. The many, valid, professional, reality-based, arguments
against the "non-stealthy egg" idea seem to bounce off Mr. Bois' brain
like rubber bullets. Nothing fazes him! The non-stealthy egg idea raises
its ugly head again and again. When this happens I (and others) get
frustrated! The time for being polite with this idea is past (by about a
year). Some people don't get the message unless you SHOUT or get dramatic
and that has the tendency to appear nasty.  We're not doing Mr. Bois a
favor if we humor him or patronize him like a child. I don't want to hurt
anybody. BUT... I would like to help someone see past their myopia and
sometimes that takes a bit of a swift kick.>
I  have not been on the list for a year, so I did not know about the
posts on this theory previous to my bringing the subject up a month ago. 
If you just look at the posts in the last month, you might see why this
looked like a sudden, unprovoked attack, which I perceived as unfair.  If
it has gone on as long as you say, I understand now!  A swift kick is
sometimes necessary.  No need to string people along -- it only hurts
worse once the kick comes.

However, I prefer to praise in public, criticize in private.  My first
response is to repeat over and over "See the post of so-and-so where this
has been answered..." If it is ignored, then I go to the "we've beat a
dead horse, let's not discuss this any more on-list."  Then I would do a
swift kick off-list!  I always appreciated being treated this way, and I
try to live up to the ideal.  However, this is tough for anybody to do,
most of all shoot-from-the-hip me, and I apologize if I offended anyone
by my venting.

Thanks for giving me more info to evaluate the discussion.
Judy Molnar
Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.