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Re: Cretaceous Extinction comments on John Bois

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Steven S. Lazarus wrote:
> This is not a case of someone simply putting forth an idea. That's fine.

You refuse to specify.  I have tried to tone down and even drastically
limit my posts.  I have said I will not stay where I am not welcome.  But
you keep pumping and pumping.  In this case I _will_ specify.  I simply
did put forth my idea that ostriches are in fact stealthy egg layers.

> This is a case of someone putting forth an idea and insisting on it in
> spite of many, many, many professional comments pointing out multitudes of
> flaws with the idea.

May I remind you that some "experts"  said that ostriches were
non-stealthy egg layers.  I refuted that.  The flaw lay with them, not me.

> This is a case of someone selectively ignoring certain
> facts (pointed out by many on the list) and twisting others to fit the
> scenario. 

I must be forgiven for asking again: which "certain facts" are you talking

> >Why do you not believe what
> >the dinosaur experts like Tom Holtz say when they tell you something?

Pardon me.  This seems to advocate slavish acceptance to authority, not
truth.  And, anyway, since we are tangentially at least interested in the
truth, there is nothing to this claim, and Bonnie Blackwell said so to me
privately.  I did nothing to Dr. Holtz that warrants censure (in this
instance at least).  But really, your use of the word "expert" is
reprehensible.  I have great respect for the knowledge accumulated through
wisdom and hard work by the people on this list.  But the K/T events are
so multi-disciplinary that surely not even the most Rennaisance of persons
could claim to be an expert.  And honestly, if I were one who was
considered an expert I would cringe at the way you two invoke me!

> >You repeatedly make arguments that ignore everything they have just said,
> >in a feeble attempt to uphold your "stealthy egg" argument for extinction.

It's all just talk if you don't specify.

> This is a case where the same arguments, refuted months before, re-surface
> again and again like the villain in a bad Hollywood horror movie that you
> just can't kill no matter how many times you shoot him.

Blah, blah, blah.

> The many, valid,
> professional, reality-based, arguments against the "non-stealthy egg" idea
> seem to bounce off Mr. Bois' brain like rubber bullets. Nothing fazes him!
> The non-stealthy egg idea raises its ugly head again and again. When this
> happens I (and others) get frustrated! The time for being polite with this
> idea is past (by about a year). Some people don't get the message unless
> you SHOUT or get dramatic and that has the tendency to appear nasty. We're
> not doing Mr. Bois a favor if we humor him or patronize him like a child. I
> don't want to hurt anybody. BUT... I would like to help someone see past
> their myopia and sometimes that takes a bit of a swift kick.

I have agreed that I have overexposed myself (as it were) and I will stop.
But please stop these public attacks.  Do you want money?