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Re: Cretaceous Extinction comments on Monsters

slaz@electriciti.com (Steven S. Lazarus) wrote:
>This is a case where the same arguments, refuted months before, re-surface
>again and again like the villain in a bad Hollywood horror movie that you
>just can't kill no matter how many times you shoot him.

Then those arguments, well-composed and summarized, are a great
candidate for a web page.  When the monster reappears, direct it 
(or its Master) to the web page for remedial education.  If the
monster again appears unaffected, *then* you can shoot it.  :-)

Anyone who posts a message with more than fifty lines has probably
done the first easy 90% of a good web page on that topic.  If you 
don't have your own web page, send the text to someone who does.
I'm sure any one of the commercial dino-stores would host it.

- John