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Re: Cretaceous Extinction comments on John Bois

John Bois <jbois@umd5.umd.edu> wrote:

>You refuse to specify...

>> This is a case of someone selectively ignoring certain
>> facts (pointed out by many on the list) and twisting others to fit the
>> scenario.

>I must be forgiven for asking again: which "certain facts" are you talking

I do not refuse to specify. The whole point of my post is that we've been
over your ideas many, many, times and I'm tired of seeing them pointlessly
re-hashed again in spite of various competant refutations. If you want
specifics or facts, re-read all posts on this thread you've generated over
the last year from the many list members who've been very patient with you
for a long time. Please... can we get on with other more plausible ideas?

>But please stop these public attacks.  Do you want money?

How much are you offering? Actually, I'd settle for an admission that
you've made a faux pas... Is it Friday The 13th yet Jason? I mean John? :-)