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Re: Bid tarsus

> I can't find the paper immediately, but it was by Whetstone and Whybrow
> published around 1986.

    This is only the reference I know for these two authors:

Whetstone, K.N., and P.J. Whybrow. 1983. A "cursorial" crocodilian from
     the Triassic of Lesotho (Basutoland), Southern Africa.  Occaisional
     Papers of the Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas

     And for anyone interested in the crocodile-bird connection camp...  

Martin, L.D., J.D. Stewart, and K.N. Whetstone. 1980. The origin of
     birds: structure of the tarsus and teeth. Auk 97:86-93.

McGowan, C., and A.J. Baker. 1981. Common ancestry for birds and
     crocodiles? Nature 289:97-98.
Walker, A.D. 1972. New light on the origin of birds and crocodiles. Nature

Whetstone, K.N. and L.D. Martin. 1979. New look at the origin of birds and
     crocodiles. Nature 279:234-236.

Whetstone, K.N. and L.D. Martin. 1981. [Reply to McGowan and Baker].
     Nature 289:98.

     Walker has apparantly surrendered advocating a crocodilian (actually
sphenosuchian) ancestry for birds, but the last I heard Martin
was still going strong.  
     By the way all, I am not taken with the evidence for the non-stealthy
egg layer theory of dinosaur extinction either, but do we really need to 
turn this into the "I hate John Bois" list?  Jeeze.   

LN Jeff