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Non-Stealthy peace request

Hello everyone,

Mr Bois's feelings have obviously been injured, which I can relate to, as
should we all. However I can also understand the frustration other
subscribers have expressed regarding this extended, and as of late heated,
thread. Mr. Bois seems on the verge of parting company with all of us, and
I personally feel that would be wrong. Few of us could hold to any position
in the face of such opposition, and such tenacity is rare. Therefore we
will all lose more than bandwidth if Mr. Bois is encouraged to take his
thoughts and log-off.

With that said, I think Mr. bois has failed to respond to the questions
regarding the co-extinctions at the K/T boundary, and this is the key point
to the event. What caused those other die-offs? I ask this to encourage
John to accept that there remains an influence beyond the problems involved
in reproduction methods, stealthy or no. If it was just dinosaurs, or land
dependent animals for that matter, some of us might respond differently. To
address the K/T event one must examine the entire biosphere, a task of
titanic thought proccesses, and the integration of many sciences. There is
no absolute proof for any extinction cause, and even a mountain of evidence
may not be enough.

As pasionately as Mr. Bois feels for his ideas, others oppose them just as
strongly.  I would suggest either a return to less heated dialouge or a
cease fire altogether. Nothing is gained when we waste our energy fighting
over a point that may not be settled once and for all in our lifetimes. Mr.
Bois might be wrong in his attempts to explain his ideas regarding the
demise of the dinosaurs, but he should be encouraged to make those
attempts. Conversely those that are inspired to address his ideas with
bitterness have that right but err in a more important way.

Stay with us John, at least we have something to talk about with you around. :-)