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Re: Preservation bias


>Are there any instances of both plant and animal fossils being found at
>the same time? Can they occur in the same strata and circumstances? 

        Yeah, lots of times. It is very common to find fossil foliage
jumbled up around fossil bone. I got a pile of references on this, If I
could dig 'em up. Now my question is, how often are fossil plants found with
fossil tracks (as in on the same bedding plain?). I just prepared a slab
(Eocene, Chuckanut Formation, western Washington) that clearly shows a
heron-like trackway, and on the same bedding plain are several very well
preserved fossil leaves and some taxodiaceous foliage (Glyptostrobus
nordenskioldi, or something like that). In fact- one of the tracks is
actually ON TOP of one of the leaves: the bird stepped on a leaf! Sure it
sounds dumb to say that now, but it's fairly rare in my experience in fossils...

Take care,

Sam Girouard