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Re: Preservation bias

At 08:44 PM 4/8/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Are there any instances of both plant and animal fossils being found at
>the same time? Can they occur in the same strata and circumstances? If they
>do not, is it possible for this to happen? Or, is there some reason that
>could prevent this, like alkaline or acidic soil conditions favoring one at
>the expense od the other?

While it is common that the *best* preservation for bone is not favorable
for leaf impressions, and vice versa (for pH reasons, among others), it is
pretty common to find some plant material in the same horizons as skeletons.
For an example, I've dug a hadrosaurid in the Meeteetsee Formation which was
mixed up with lots of pine needles and pine cones.

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