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re: Pterosaur

on the vrtplaeo list Arthur Harris wrote:
> In bats, the wing membrane is supported by digits II through V, while
> pterosaurs lacked the fifth digit and the wing membrane was supported
> entirely by the fourth digit.

and in another posting on the dinosaur mailing list, Jonathon Wagner

>        I don't know why no one has brought this up, but it has been
>suggested (I believe Dinogeorge knows the references...) that the pteroid
>bone of pterosaurs is in fact the first digit and the wing finger is the fifth.

would anyone have any references to the construction and evolution of
the hand/wing of pterosaurs (I'm interested in BOTH rhamphorynchids  and
pterodactylids) , whether in support for arguement number 1 or for
arguement number 2?

           Betty Cunningham  
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