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F-22 Raptor


        This goes along with Darren Tanke's Dodge T-Rex comment. It may interest
some of you that, for the first time, a major piece of military hardware has
been named after a dinosaur. Today the first F-22 "Raptor" tactical fighter,
for the United States Air Force, was "rolled out" amidst much fanfare at the
Lockheed plant in Marietta. I'm not sure if they were referring to the
dinosaur or the bird of prey, but I'm fairly sure it's the former.
        By the way- isn't there an F-14 squadron for the United States Navy 
that is
designated "Raptors"? I though I remembered seeing something along those
lines on TV once. If memory serves, the squadron insignia looked a traced
Toronto Raptors basketball franchise emblem, except with the "'raptor" clad
in ammo belts and with blood on the fangs, or something like that.


Sam Girouard