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dinosaur stories--help!

     The following compilation is a request directed at those 
     stout-of-heart individuals interested in archaic dinosaur stories.  
     For bibliographic purposes I am trying to locate the city of 
     publication of each of the following dinosaur-related fictional works. 
     Most of these publishers seem to be extinct, so I can't find them in 
     Books in Print, and I don't have the books myself.  If any of you 
     dinosaur bibliophiles can help me, I'll be grateful.
     and I hope I never again in my life get involved in an editorial 
     project like this one  :-(
     J.J. Astor.  1894.  A Journey in Other Worlds.  Appleton Books.
     A. Bierce.  1909.  The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce.  Neale 
     Publishing Company.
     Lady E.O. Bray.  1921.  Old Time and the Boy, or Prehistoric 
     Wonderland.  Allenson Books.
     T.C. Bridges.  1923.  Men of the Mist.  Collins Books.
     E.R. Burroughs.  1921.  Tarzan the Terrible.  McClurg Books.
     W. Chesney.  1898.  The Adventures of a Solicitor.  James Bowden 
     S. Dedman.  1997.  A Horror Story a Day.  Barnes and Noble.  (OK, this 
     isn't old, but I still can't find a city for the publisher)
     R. Dehan.  1917.  Under the Hermes.  Dodd-Mead.
     G. Dent.  1926.  The Emperor of IF.  Heinemann.
     Sir A. C. Doyle.  1912.  The Lost World.  Hodder and Stoughton.
     E.D. Fawcett.  1894.  Swallowed by an Earthquake.  Edwin Arnold.
     A.G. Merritt.  1931.  The Face in the Abyss.  Liveright.
     J. Mill.  1854.  The Fossil Spirit: A Boy's Dream of Geology.  Darton 
     C.H. Murray Chapman.  1924.  Dragons at Home.  Wells Gardner and 
     V.A. Obruchev.  1924.  Plutonia: an Adventure through Prehistory.  
     Lawrence and Wishart.
     F. Powell.  1906.  The Wolf Men.  Cassell.
     K. Robeson.  1933.  Land of Terror.  Street and Smith.
     F.M. Savile.  1899.  Beyond the Great South Wall: The Secret of the 
     Antarctic.  New Amsterdam Book Company.
     W.G. Stables.  1906.  The City at the Pole.  James Nisbet and Company.
     R.B. Winter.  1938.  Hal Hardy in the Lost Valley of the Giants.  
     Whitman Publishing Company.