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Re: Non-Stealthy peace request

> N. Macleod, P. F. Rawson, P. L. Forey, F. T. Banner, M. K. Boudagher-Fadel,
> P. R. Bown, J. A. Burnett, P. Chambers, S. Culver, S. E. Evans, C. Jeffery,
> M. A. Kaminsky, A. R. Lord, A. C. Milner, A. R. Milner, N. Morris, E. Owen,
> B. R. Rosen, A. B. Smith, P. D. Taylor, E. Urquhart & J. R. Young, 1997. "The
> Cretaceous-Tertiary biotic transition," Journal of the Geological Society,
> London 154: 265-292.
> Covers pretty much every group from plants to nannoplankton to mammals.

      I've never done much reading on the K-T extinction, but my
impression is that interpretations of exactly what happened to whom and 
to what degree are a big controversial mess (for example, the speed of
the dinosaur extinction; gradual vs. fast). How controversial are these

LN Jeff