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Religeous fervor in K/T extinction theory

roger@arkansas.net wrote:

>I personally feel that would be wrong. Few of us could hold to any position
>in the face of such opposition, and such tenacity is rare. Therefore we
>will all lose more than bandwidth if Mr. Bois is encouraged to take his
>thoughts and log-off.

Holding to a position in the face of rational, scientific, opposition
smacks of the religious fervor that most of us on the list attribute to the
creationists. If they are wrong for doing it than so are we when we do it.
I don't see this kind of tenacity as a desireable attribute. Tenacity
should be applied to backing ideas on a concrete foundation not defending
them against a shaky foundation. I think Mr. Bois should stay with us and
try to learn from this experience instead of taking his toys and going

S.S. Lazarus