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ICZN rules?

I just got a package from an aquantince of mine. He's suppose to be 
working with Welles and Powell on theropods. Last I heard the 
Welles/Powell megalosaur monograph was dead in the water (I talked to a 
student of Powell's a few years ago, and she said that Welles portion 
was done, but Powell had no desire to do anything with it. It seems to 
me Welles is a splitter and Powell is a lumper!)

Anyway what he does is name new genera. From what I understand he says 
Carpenter's 1991 Maleevosaurus is invalid, actually I can't even see it 
in his list, because he Pickering named it in 1984. But the only thing 
he did was have his paper Copyrighted in 1984. 

What I want to know (I know where George stands on this) is a 
copyrighted paper valid in the eyes of the ICZN? I don't know if these 
papers, saurischian monograph, will ever be published for the general 

I'd like to contact Welles and Powell just to see if they're actually 
doing it with him.