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At 09:14 PM 4/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In what Chinese Provence is the Wucaiwan Formation?  Is it in the Xinjiang
>Uygar Province (northwestern China near Kazakhstan and Mongolia), or in the
>Sichuan Province (south-central China).  Is _Gongbusaurus wucaiwanensis_ from
>the Wucaiwan Formation (as alluded to by the species name) or the Shishugou
>Formation (as indicated in the paper)?  Thanks again, please respond

No.  I will not respond off-list.  As Jim Kirkland said earlier, this is the
kind of stuff some of us WANT to talk about on the list!!!

(Heavens forfend: dinosaur paleontology discussed on the dinosaur listserve
group?  Never!  :-)

The Wucaiwan Fm is limited to the eastern part the Junggar Basin of
Xinjiang.  As such, it isn't found anywhere near Sichuan.

>From what I have read, Gongbusaurus wucaiwanensis is indeed from the
overlying Shishugou Fm (also in the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang).  I don't
have the paper in front of me, but suspect that it was given its trivial
nomen because of a) confusion over the stratigraphy in the area (until
recently, many have blurred or ignored the boundary between the two) or b)
it is named after a locality "Wucaiwan" rather than the formation "Wucaiwan".

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