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Re: F22 Raptor and other bits...

        We all have to remember that the real and original use of the 
term "Raptor" was for predatory birds (please refrain from any bird-
dino jokes=), and despite our dino-minded zeal, we can't just assume 
that everything using that word has anything at all to do with the 
movie monster version of a dromaeosaurid (basket ball teams 


        My site devoted to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's THE LOST WORLD 
(the REAL one;) is now up and running sufficiently. It can be found 


        I'm still on the look out for any relevant pictures, such as 
Victorian and Charles R. Knight's dinosaur restorations. If anyone is 
interested in doing so, I'm also more than happy to put articles on 
there by others, be it biblographical information, various 
reflections upon aspects of the book, or whatever. Contact me if 
you'd like to contribute!


        Anyhoo, thanks all. Later...
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