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Re: F-22 Raptor

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, bruce thompson wrote:
>         Maybe the unofficial nickname the jet will acquire will be
> dinosaurian.  In pilots' slang, the EF-111 is the Aardvark, the F-16 is the
> Lawn Dart, and the A-10 Thunderbolt II is the Warthog.  Maybe a dino name
> will be coined for this one.  Though truly, I don't think "the F-22
> Rhamphorynchus" will strike terror in the enemy in the next war...

Fear won't be necessary with a name like that. Imagine the chatter:
"This is Strike Leader, we have a bunch of F22 Ramfer - Rem fo - Rampor"
RAT TAT TAT   too late....

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