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Raptor, the bird, the plane

>However, we can credit the movie and book with bringing the term to 
>public conciousness.  Had the term not been in common usage, I bet the 
>would have been named something else, like Harpy... or Secretary... Or

More like the #$%#@ mess that the name has caused to MISS lead people 
into thinking there is such an animal as a Raptor Dinosaur. I am 
getting a more than a litte upset with it's constant use, even when 
paleontologist and dinosaur book writers. The CORRECT name for the 
family, and the ONLY name that should be used for the family is the 

Please, everyone, remember this and use the proper term.

The name Raptor, should be used just for what it is ment to be, that is 
a group of aves, not DINOSAURS! Thanks again to Micheal Creiton.