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Re: (Eu)Centrosaurus

In a message dated 97-04-11 23:40:41 EDT, granth@ziplink.net (Grant Harding)

<< Nobody answered this question the first time, so I'll try it again:
 Has the ceratopsian Centrosaurus been renamed Eucentrosaurus or not?
 Thanks in advance, >>

The name _Eucentrosaurus_ was proposed as a replacement name for
_Centrosaurus_ by Chure & McIntosh in 1989, who noted that the name
_Centrosaurus_ Lambe, 1904 for the ceratopian is preoccupied by the name
_Centrosaurus_ Fitzinger, 1843 for a lizard (the horned toad now known as
_Phrynosoma_, actually).

Trouble is, _Centrosaurus_ Fitzinger, 1843 was published as a junior synonym
(of _Phrynosoma_) rather than as an available generic name. Under current
rules, it has to have been used by somebody other than Fitzinger as an
available generic name, not just as a synonym, prior to 1961. So far such a
usage has not been forthcoming despite some fairly diligent
literature-searching. The best I've found so far are a usage of
_Centrosaurus_ Fitzinger, 1843 by Romer in 1956, as a synonym of the gila
monster _Heloderma_ (>not< of _Phrynosoma_ as originally used), and a usage
of _Centrosaurus_ Fitzinger, 1843 as an available generic name by Kuhn, 1964,
who noted that it preoccupied Lambe's usage. Both of these usages suggest
that a usage of _Centrosaurus_ Fitzinger, 1843 prior to 1956 is lurking in
the literature.

BUT--Most workers continue to use _Centrosaurus_ for the ceratopian, because
it seems pretty clear that to establish preoccupation by Fitzinger's name
would be >really, really< reaching for a name change rendered unnecessary by
overwhelming prevailing usage. Having spent some time on the problem myself,
I'm inclined to agree. I'd been using _Eucentrosaurus_ for the ceratopian to
avoid confusing it with the lizard, but since nobody seems to be calling the
lizard _Centrosaurus_ these days, it seems rather pointless not to use the
well-known name _Centrosaurus_ for the ceratopian.

So--I'd say the ceratopian has not been renamed _Eucentrosaurus_.

Now, >ceratopian< versus >ceratopsian<--that's a different story...