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Okay kids, a very enthusiastic, ambitious group in Atlanta, Georgia is
trying to organize JurassiCon, a dinosaur convention slated to debut in
May of 1998.  They could use all the expert support they could get. 
They recognize they will be somewhat dwarfed by DinoFest.  But they also
conclude that not everyone can GO to Philly for the "big" game, so
perhaps a "moderate" event will suffice.  I tend to agree.  

So call these guys...see what you can contribute as far as paleo talent
goes (understanding, like all dino ventures, there is not a LOT of cash
flowing in advance).  

I will be writing it up for Dinosaurus and the Dino Times, provided it
all comes together, which I suspect it will.  So you can wait for more
details there, if you like.  But they could use your support and
feedback now.  

Your pal! 

girl dino writer

p.s.  I'm gonna be in Grand Junction covering Jim Gurney and the
dinosaur stamp day of issue celebration for the Dino Times and the
Atlanta Constitution.  If any of you are gonna be there, let me know. 
We should have coffee.  :)

p.p.s.  Looks like I'll also be in LA for the LOST WORLD press junket,
so the same holds for California types. :)