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Re: DINO PARADISE (New Web Page)

What a wonderful site.  It's rare to see japanese print information here
in the US.  You have a wonderful set of photographs of a Confuciornis_sp
that I've seen nowhere else.  Nice images of the beak and hips
-Betty Cunningham

>      This is my first message at this ML, to tell my web page
> newly opened in English about dinosaurs and paleontology.
>                                               Thanks
>                                  TERUO MIZUKAMI (HYPERSAURS)
>                                  saurs@vcnet.toyama.toyama.jp
>   ------------------------------------------------------------
>     DINO PARADISE(English)
>       http://www.vcnet.toyama.toyama.jp/~saurs/sc_index.htm
>     DINO PARADISE(More infomation, but Japanese)
>       http://www.vcnet.toyama.toyama.jp/~saurs/index.html
>   ------------------------------------------------------------
           Betty Cunningham  
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