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Paleocene Dino Eggs?

I ran across an abstract today, its by Erben, Krumsiek & Thein, 1983. They talk 
about several pathological dinosaur egg localities in Southern France and the 
Spanish Pre-Pyrenes. These sites are from the Paleocene. Other 
egg localities in the Maastrichtian have normal eggs. They believe that this 
shows that not all the dinosaurs died out at the K/T boundary, but some 
survived, albeit for not long since the eggs show pathologies. 

I don?t know if this has been disputed or not.

Erben, H. K., A. R. Ashraf, K. Krumsiek and J. Thein, 1983. Some 
Dinosaurs survived the Cretaceous ?Final Event?. Terra Cognita, Volume 
3, Number 2: 211-212.