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Re: (Eu)Centrosaurus

Grant Harding wrote:
> Nobody answered this question the first time, so I'll try it again:

I thought somebody else would answer, or I would have.  Sorry.

> Has the ceratopsian Centrosaurus been renamed Eucentrosaurus or not?
> Thanks in advance,

According to Peter Dodson's book THE HORNED DINOSAURS, p. 164, it has
not.  The proper name is _Centrosaurus_.  There was some confusion over
the fact that the name "Centrosaurus" was used in an 1843 paper,
referring to a modern lizard.  However, an exhaustive search by Ben
Creisler revealed that the author of that paper used "Centrosaurus" as a
junior synonym for another genus.  So, the name was still by-the-rules,
and no renaming was needed.  _Centrosaurus_ was always a valid name for
the ceratopsid and still is.   

-- JSW