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Re: Paleocene Dino Eggs?

On Sun, 13 Apr 1997, Tracy Ford wrote:
> I ran across an abstract today, its by Erben, Krumsiek & Thein, 1983. They 
> talk about several pathological dinosaur egg localities in Southern 
> France and the Spanish Pre-Pyrenes. These sites are from the Paleocene. 
> Other  egg localities in the Maastrichtian have normal eggs. They believe 
> that this shows that not all the dinosaurs died out at the K/T boundary, 
> but some survived, albeit for not long since the eggs show pathologies. 
> I donít know if this has been disputed or not.

Pathologies? Most interesting. If so, I wonder if anything can be said of 
what caused these pathologies. I tend to think in modern terms, like effects
caused by pesticides, etc.

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