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Clifford Nystrom wrote:
> Is this new Paleo reference/encylopedia published yet? I have had it on back
> order at amamzon.com for some time.
> Cliff, on the k/t boundary in ND

Cliff, hi sweets! I don't think Glut's book is out yet, but I'll check
on it if you like.  

I did get a great (HUGE) book for kid-types to review (one of many
freelance hats I wear) from Stewart, Tabori & Chang, Inc Publishers
called THE HUMONGOUS BOOK OF DINOSAURS, editorial consultant David
Norman. This book lives up to it's name.  It's like the width of two
Sears catalogs combined, printed on newsprint thin paper, like comic
books.  Color.  GREAT fun for you favorite juvy dino friend.  Worth
checking out.  Even includes 3-D glasses to view 52 3-D Gallery action

girl dino writer