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Re: Titanosaurus head & neck discovered in Chubut, Argentina

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Extracted from "Pagina/12" (Argentina) :

A team from the Paleontology department of the Universidad de la
Patagonia announced last week the discovery of a skull (complete
with 3.5 meters of neck) of a Titanosaurus. It was found at Laguna
Palacios, 250 Km northwest of Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina.
This is an Upper Cretaceous area (90 million years), with a landscape
similar to the well known Valle de la Luna. 

This is the fourth Titanosaurus skull discovered in the world, but
this apparently belongs to a new species.The neck features a
previously unseen system of bony sinews, perhaps from evolutive 
origin, useful to prevent excessive flexion that could  damage
the spinal cord.

The seven people team was directed by Ruben Martinez, and they're
working on fossils since 1983. Previously they have found many 
important discoveries on the Patagonia ( Xenotarsosaurus in 1985,
Espachtosaurus in 1986, Notohypsilophodon in 1990, and
Aniksosaurus in 1995)

Miguel Fliguer
Buenos Aires, Argentina
           Betty Cunningham  
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